ROCKS AND PEBBLES LTD - Wrap Around Childcare

Our Staff

Sandra Moores- Area Manager

Hi I'm Sandra, area manager for rocks and pebbles after school and breakfast clubs. I have worked at Brindishe Green after school club as manager for the last 7 years and thoroughly enjoyed it recently I have been promoted to area manager. My new role is to assist and support managers, staff, parents and children. The most enjoyable part of my job is that I still get to have fun with the children whilst supporting the clubs.

Brindishe Green

          Sarah Sparrow-Manager             (Breakfast Club)
Hi my name is Sarah. I enjoy socialising with family and friends. I also enjoy my job working and getting creative with the children.

Brindishe Green

Wendy Callagher-Manager 
           (After School Club)  

 My name is Wendy, before becoming manager at after school club I was deputy manager and have worked here for just over a year. Since joining Rocks and Pebbles team my afternoons have been filled with fun. It's a very rewarding job, we get to know the children really well and look forward to spending time with them.

Myatt Gardens

Lisa Small- Manager

Hi I’m Lisa, club manager at Myatt Gardens after school club. One of the most important things about my job is ensuring every child feels happy and safe. I enjoy interacting with the children and working together as a team with staff to make the setting a positive environment for the children. We like to have fun and everyday is different you never know what to expect but my aim is to have a smile on everyone’s face including the parents.
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